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As a developer, I like simple solutions to things and I feel like common UI patterns like drawers never convey “Woah, this is easy” to me when I’m looking for the steps to build them. Also, installing an npm package that has a pre-built solution is nice but sometimes, that's more trouble than its worth and it could be better to just build your own thing custom. If any of those pain points apply to you then hopefully this article will help you out.

The goal of this will be to walk through how to build a simple yet elegant…

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I know I’m not alone when I say that project configuration, specifically environment configuration, is a big pain in the ass. There is no “right” way to set up your development environment and it varies from framework to framework.

Note: This article assumes that you have prior experience or at least are comfortable with Webpack as that is what we used to bundle/build our site and expose the variables to our React code. If not, no worries, Webpack has great documentation that can get you up and running in no time.

Custom Website

I have been working on a personal project with…

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A lot of people think of software developers as some crazy ninja-wizards that have mastered the ancient art of programming and used it to create basically any piece of modern day technology you can think of. In reality, we are just people who have learned to communicate with computers through various different programming languages to have the computer do anything we can think of… (I guess we are crazy ninja-wizards huh?)

There have been major milestones for me as a developer that have expanded my understanding of software and programming in general. This has all led to me coming to…

Ditch those flat background colors and use gradients in your views

Gradients are pretty, aren’t they?

I’m a fan of writing a little bit of code to accomplish a lot of things. The other day I started a new Xcode project and wanted to create a simple gradient using two colors on my app’s landing screen. I knew Swift had a relatively easy to use gradient system since I had read plenty of articles where people explained the ins and outs of Swift gradients. The only issue is, everyone’s implementation of Swift gradients was so much more complicated than I needed it to be. …

If you could see inside my brain, this is what you would see

This post is for anyone that’s trying to make something out of nothing and finding out that the universe is not always going to make it easy for you to succeed. I have been running my company for about 3 full months now and I have come up with a couple of early tips for founders, developers, and creators to get your idea from it’s inception to the world as painless as possible.

1. Users matter, product doesn’t

Let me start by saying that obviously, whatever product you may be working on matters. It is your baby and you have put all of your effort…

As developers and as fellow creators of all things awesome our work schedule often times does not revolve around the typical 9 to 5 and quite honestly, it shouldn’t. Building your next big software tool that’s gonna generate thousands maybe even millions of dollars in revenue should not be restricted to a timeframe throughout your day. Writing code is a fluid and personal experience tied to the developer.

I am a software developer and recently left a big company to embark on the journey of building and growing my company. At first, I thought it would take some time to…

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